Monday, December 17, 2012

Set of Arts-Related YA Books (Author Sara Bennett Wealer)

Author Sara Bennett Wealer has offered a set of art-related YA books. The highest bidder will win the following package:
  • A signed copy of Sara's book, RIVAL (HarperTeen)
  • Plus 3 other wonderful books including: VIRTUOSITY by Jessica Martinez, AUDITION by Stasia Ward Kehoe and AMPLIFIED by Tara Kelly
Opening Bid: 25$

Round bid up to the nearest $5 amount. For ex: if you want to bid 33$, pleases bid 35$. It make sit easier for us. :) Include your bid in the comments below. The auction will start Monday (Dec 17th) at 9 AM EST (6 AM EST) and end Friday, Dec 21st at 11:59 PM EST (9 PM PT).

Auction Procedures:

If you’d like to bid on this auction, check the current high bid in the comments and place a higher bid by leaving your name and bid amount in the comments, along with some way to contact you (email).
Winners will be notified when the auction ends and should be prepared to make an online donation withing 48 hours of winning  After you’ve made your donation, you’ll forward your receipt to me, and I’ll put you in touch with the person who donated the service you won so that the two of you can work out the details about how and when.   
All services will be provided at the convenience of both the person making the donation and the auction winner, but this should happen within three months of the auction’s end unless something else is agreed upon by both parties.
Good luck!
Author Sara Bennett Wealer

Sara Bennett Wealer grew up in Manhattan, Kansas (the "Little Apple"), where she sang with the choir and wrote for her high school newspaper. She majored in vocal performance at the University of Kansas before deciding she had no business trying to make a career as an opera singer. She transferred to journalism school, where nobody cares if you can hit a high C or convincingly portray a Valkyrie.
Since then, Sara has been fortunate to make her living as a writer. She started as a beat reporter, then went on to work in public relations and advertising--even theme park design. Sara lives in Cincinnati with her husband and daughters, and she still sings when her schedule allows--most recently with the May Festival Chorus, the official choir of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra.


  1. Come on, people - no bids? OK, I'll put my money where my mouth is. $50. :-)

  2. I was hoping to bid $35, but $50 is a bit too much for my budget :D

  3. I'm cool with $35 - Sorry I jumped the gun! I can make up the extra money for my bid with a straight donation.

    1. Is $50 you bid? or $35? Nichole just bid $40.

  4. Sara retracted her bid

    Nicole is in lead with 40$

  5. Sorry for the confusion, everybody. I'm not bidding anymore - just put that in to get things going and mis-read the minimum opening bid as $50 (I blame frazzled holiday brain cells). I'll make my own monetary donation and leave bidding on the books to you guys! :-)

  6. YEAH!!!! I can also be reached @

  7. Thank you to everyone for bidding. Nichole you win for $40. You will receive an email with instructions shortly! :)