Monday, December 17, 2012

The Adventures of Baby Jaimie Gift Package (Author Jaimie Hope)

Picture Book Author Jaimie Hope has offered a wonderful gift package. The highest bidder will win the following package:
  • The Adventures of Baby Jaimie Teddy Bear - Our plush bear is a cutie in his own message-bearing t-shirt and festive red and blue ribbons. Plush fur and 11 inches tall. Red and blue bow and t-shirt with bookcover on it included
  • The Adventures of Baby Jaimie: Baby Jaimie Has Stage Fright Puzzle
    This jigsaw puzzle is a unique and fun gift for friends and family or even a present to yourself. Once assembled, the puzzle can be framed and displayed or taken apart and reassembled over and over. Available in two difficulties: 30 pieces and 110 pieces.
  • The Adventures of Baby Jaimie: Baby Jaimie Has A Crush Mousepad
  • The Adventures of Baby Jaimie: Baby Jaimie Loses a Tooth Trek Bottle
    Easy to squeeze, easy to open, and 100% leak-proof, the 24 oz waterbottle features a screw top lid and large opening.
  • The Adventures of Baby Jaimie: Baby Jaimie Goes To School Tote Bag - Our 100% cotton canvas tote bags have plenty of room to carry everything you need when you are on the go. They include a bottom gusset and extra long handles for easy carrying. 10 oz heavyweight natural canvas fabric. Measures 15"" x 18"" x 6"""
Opening Bid: 20$

Round bid up to the nearest $5 amount. For ex: if you want to bid 33$, pleases bid 35$. It make sit easier for us. :) Include your bid in the comments below. The auction will start Monday (Dec 17th) at 9 AM EST (6 AM EST) and end Friday, Dec 21st at 11:59 PM EST (9 PM PT).

Auction Procedures:

If you’d like to bid on this auction, check the current high bid in the comments and place a higher bid by leaving your name and bid amount in the comments, along with some way to contact you (email).
Winners will be notified when the auction ends and should be prepared to make an online donation withing 48 hours of winning  After you’ve made your donation, you’ll forward your receipt to me, and I’ll put you in touch with the person who donated the service you won so that the two of you can work out the details about how and when.   
All services will be provided at the convenience of both the person making the donation and the auction winner, but this should happen within three months of the auction’s end unless something else is agreed upon by both parties.
Good luck!
Author Jaimie Hope

Jaimie Hope was born November 3, 1976 in New York. It wasn't until high school, where she joined the newspaper staff, that she decided she wanted to be a writer. After graduation, writing was put aside for a while. The author went to college and received an Associates degree in 1999. Then she moved to Florida where she was an active volunteer in the local historical society and remained active in the arts. 

It wasn’t until 2005 that Jaimie wrote her first children's book, The Adventures of Baby Jaimie, published in 2006 and Who Says You Can"t Go Home? in 2008. The Adventures of Baby Jaimie: Baby Jaimie Goes to School in 2010. Her Autobiography, Roll With It followed by the third volume in her children's series, The Adventures of Baby Jaimie: Baby Jaimie Gets Stage Fright, and her first Paranormal Romance, When You Come Back To Me Again were released in 2011. 2012 has been a big year for Ms. Hope, she released three new Baby Jaimie adventures, Baby Jaimie Has a Crush, Baby Jaimie Loses A Tooth, & Baby Jaimie Goes To The Hospital. She also opened her first online store, Jaimie Hope's Baby Jaimie & More Store.



  1. Thank you to everyone for bidding. Kathy you win for $20. You will receive an email with instructions shortly! :)